Our history...

The business began in the 1950s by the founder Dr. Oscar Suriano, graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Ca 'Foscari, Venice, with a foreign trade address.

The business begins in the trade of innovative products for lighting and electricity transformation. The first few years the primary activity was the import from America of the first Westinghouse fluorescent tubes and represents for Italy the producers of electric power capacitors and industrial power factor correction, inductors for discharge lamps and power plate rectifiers.

The son Ennio continues the activity from a very young age as he accuses his father's disappearance in a short time and at the same time he graduates in engineering at the University of Padua, expands the activity over the years with electric motor windings, importing copper enamelled and designs medium voltage transformer substations.

In 1988 he managed to obtain the mandate for Italy to distribute the first mobile phones from the world leader Motorola by opening the telecommunications division. The market lasts for a few years and then dwindles in a short time, forcing the company to completely change the product sector while maintaining the core business of plant design.

Eng. Ennio devoted himself for fifteen years to the design and sale of machines in the agri-food sector with particular reference to the dairy sector.

In 2005, with the advent of renewable energies, he dedicated himself to the design and import from Spain of photovoltaic panels and inverters for medium-sized plants.

In 2014, the importation of industrial LED lamps from China began, while it is currently importing the new high-power electric stations for fast charging of electric cars.

while it is currently importing the new high-power electric stations for fast charging of electric cars

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